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  • Couple Counselling

    The most common causes of separation and divorce can be overcome with counselling/ mediation.

    If you are looking for relationship counselling on your own or with your partner, we can help you find ways in which you can improve your relationship.


  • Regain Control of your Family

    Facing challenging children or adolescent bevahiour can be stressfull for everyone involved.

    Swift offers a specific programme, working with both parents and children/adolescents, aimed at stopping self destructive behaviour and violence.


  • Dealing with Stress

    Stress is a common complaint in our demanding society.

    Swift Counselling offers a variety of effective counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches to enable people to manage stress.


  • Depression Counselling

    Depression can be a milld transient condition to a life threatening condition.

    Swift Therapists are experienced in dealing effectively with a wide range of depressive conditions.



Enabling people to transform the way they live, work and relate.

About Swift Counselling

Swift is a family-run prefessional counselling practice offering a specialized service to adults, children of all ages, teenagers and young adults. We work with families, couples and individuals.

We also provide Counselling supervision.

The Clinic operates from sites: Swindon, Wiltshire. Normally we are able to see clients within a week of contact.

Our Therapists

Marilyn Tew

Marilyn is a BACP and NCS registered Integrative Counsellor /Psychotherapist, a qualified Counselling Supervisor and EMDR practitioner.

Alongside her private practice she provides therapeutic interventions within a Social Services context and she works for several Employee Assistance Programmes that provide counselling to employees of both commercial and non-commercial organisations. She is a supervisor and counselling trainer.

She has a history in education, and specializes in working with children, teenagers and young adults. She trains in group dynamics and is an experienced group facilitator.

Marilyn has an M Ed in Guidance and Counselling in Education and a PhD from Bristol University. She has a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and a post-graduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision from the University of Gloucester and the National Counselling Society. She is a Master Facilitator and has completed a Tavistock tradition course in Becoming a Group Leader at Nottingham University.

Katie Stafford

Katie is a highly qualified and experienced BACP accredited counsellor /psychotherapist and counselling supervisor.  

Katie has worked extensively with adolescents, parents, adults  and couples, combining various models of working to provide integrative support in both long and short-term counselling.  She is qualified in Psychodynamic, Humanistic and CBT counselling and draws on many different techniques to offer a personalised service to meet the individual needs of her clients.  She offers a relationship that is respectful, compassionate and collaborative.  

She has a Diploma in Integrative Counselling; a Teaching Certificate, a Certificate in Working with Young People, a Level 3 Certificate in CBT from Bristol University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision from the University of Gloucester and the National  Counselling Society. More recently she has completed the Advanced Diploma in Weight Management and Eating Disorders therapy. 

Katie has been a practising counsellor for over 16 years : including working for a youth counselling agency and local authority, as well as the NHS and Employment Assistance Programmes. During the past 10 years she has been working as a part-time senior counsellor and lecturer at a local FE/HE college where she manages the counselling department as well as running her own successful private practice working as a counsellor and counselling supervisor. 


Our approach to therapy


Following a car accident, I suffered terribly with a fight or flight response when driving. I did not know what this anxiety was and tried for months to recover on my own. After a particularly severe anxiety attack, I realised that I needed to get help. EMDR therapy was incredibly effective. My anxiety was linked specifically to the accident and in one session the anxiety was dispersed.  I literally walked out of Swift Counselling, got in my car and drove with no anxiety from that moment on.  I am thrilled with the results, thank you.